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Seichem 2 Certification


Prerequisite Usui Reiki Level 2 and Seichem 1




Seichem is an ancient Egyptian healing technique that was discovered inside Egyptian pyramids. It is a living light energy and when a person channels Seichem they are able to call in the energies of three elements,  Sakara (fire), Sophiel (water), and Angelic Light (Air/Ether).


Sakara(fire) - has the property of transformation and is able to burn through and transform blockages and resistance in the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Sophiel(water) - a gentle energy that reaches deep within the emotional body to gently heal and open the heart to receive more love and to feel compassion.  

Angelic Light - works with both the element of air and the angelic realm. This energy connects both healer and client closely with angelic energies.

During this class you will receive an attunement to Seichem 2.  You will continue working with these powerful and trans-formative energies and learn two new symbols to deepen your connection. We will review Seichem 1 and practice using the two new symbols. 

Seichem 2 class also includes all class materials and a certificate of completion that will certify students as  Second Degree Seichem Practitioners.



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