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Anne Dale

I am a Reiki Master Teacher located in the beautiful seaport town of Gloucester, MA. As a practitioner of several healing modalities, I provide a calm and peaceful environment for Intuitive Energy Healing sessions. I conduct my sessions with integrity and reverence and acknowledge that I am only the conduit through which this healing energy flows.​

 I am also a Grief Support Specialist and offer a unique way to help heal your heart. Unlike traditional therapy, this is an educational experience. This method comes with a pre-established framework, a distinct focus on grief in a limited number of meetings. Many of us were never given effective tools for dealing with grief. When we have the right tools, we can eventually begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel hopeful about the future.


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"I would just like to say... I had such an amazing reiki session with Anne Dale today, I highly highly suggest her for all reiki/healing needs. 100% would recommend. Please reach out to her if you feel you are in need of a rebalance or a healing!"

- John Sheehan

"I have known Anne for more than a decade, and she is an amazing holistic practitioner.  Anne is an exceptionally kind and patient person, and she has incredible knowledge of Reiki and the healing arts.  At first I was a very skeptical of Reiki, but with Anne’s guidance I have learned to appreciate the results of Reiki and how much better I feel after our sessions."


The energy work that she does for me is very helpful and she clears the energy and tension that I hold in my body as a trauma therapist here in Gloucester.  My work is very stressful, and my sessions with Anne are an important way for me to take care of myself.  Anne has a unique ability to build a relationship with those she works with and help them to move forward and heal.


Anne understands the mind/body connection and I would recommend working with her to anyone who needs help balancing these areas in their life."

- Moriah Marsh

"I was struggling over the loss of my mom and a friend of mine, who had just finished the Grief Recovery Method suggested I give it a try.  I was a little hesitant, but I met with Anne over zoom and immediately new I was in the right hands.  Anne was so empathetic and caring she was a “heart with ears” which was exactly what I needed.  There was no judgement, and she is a really great listener.  Anne really has a way of making some of the most uncomfortable topics easy to discuss.  She sat with me while I processed some of my most difficult feelings around grief.  The Grief Recovery process was not easy but having Anne to walk with me through these waters was a blessing.  I didn’t realize how impactful the entire process was until several weeks after I had read my completion letter to Anne.  My grief truly transformed, and I was able to release the feelings of guilt that I had surrounding the loss of my mom.  The following year I decided to do the process again on another area of grief in my life and though the memories were sometimes painful, the relief of having someone like Anne to share my thoughts and feelings with made the process a bit easier.  Again, several weeks after I had done the completion letter my feelings changed around the entire event.  I can honestly say that Anne and The Grief Recovery Method was a life changer for me.  I am getting ready to do another round to release more.  I can’t recommend Anne or this program enough truly life changing."


-JP (Boston, Ma)



"Beside myself and unable to accept the greatest loss of my life, Anne showed me the path that allowed me to work through my grief. Never have I met someone so caring and empathetic. She guided me on how to work through my loss. I feel so much better and that I’m able to smile again and can enjoy the memories. She’s a great gal. I highly recommend her."


- H. Ritchie



"One of those who held tremendous space for me is Anne Dale - Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist . Anne made healing possible for me. I'm forever grateful."

- NY Grief & Trauma Recovery Method

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